Blake Shelton Isn't Even the Sexiest Man on The Voice!


Listen. 2017 has been a year full of surprises. And many of those surprises have been good, like say our ability to continue to record, edit and publish this podcast on a semi-regular basis. But obviously some of them have been bad - like maybe Donald Trump becoming President of the United States(?????!!!!!). But People Magazine deciding to call Blake Shelton the Sexiest Man Alive 2017 is... confusing. Sure, he's a man. And fine, let's say he's sexy. Singing is sexy. Southern accents can be sexy. He has nice hair for SURE. I'm even somewhat intrigued by the sexual energy in his friendship with Adam Levine (Sexiest Man Alive, 2013). But I just can't process that People thinks Blake is the sexiest man in the whole world. And I'm not alone:

Jasmin discusses her fear of mispronouncing words, and who among us can be sure we're saying anything right? Words are hard.

We also take a journey back to what feels like 2001 when we discuss Survivor. But guess what, Survivor is still airing in 2017. We discuss which of us would survive: neither. From there, we move onto another early aughts reality show: Fear Factor. Then we take a hard turn from reality TV and discuss plastic surgery. I guess it's not so much a hard turn as the next logical step in the conversation. But we really sidelined ourselves with that for ten minutes. Also, this is the doctor who Snapchats his surgeries.

MOST importantly - Jas has a new cat with no name, but the exciting title of official Pod-cat!


So take a seat, pop in your headphones and enjoy a NEW episode of We'll Circle Back. Also, check out our Instagram!