Would You Kill Tobey Maguire Pt. 1

Would You kiLL toBEY mACGUIRE pt 1.jpg

Hey sweet baby cakes! I'm just realizing now, in the after-glow of the weekend that I never made a post on our website for the new episode. I know, it's pretty typical to forget about something that you're always forgetting. I'm trash, but I'm comfortable just sinking into that truth. I'm working on becoming another man's treasure though. Or like, recycling.


"I'm working on becoming another man's treasure though."

"Or like, recycling."

ANYWAYS. This episode is being broken into TWO DANG PARTS because we had so much fun talking that the content flow-eth over! We honestly talked longer than your mom that time she ran into her co-worker at the mall in Payless Shoes and you just wanted to go but never felt more trapped.

We hit some good stories you guys. Aidan went to New York this weekend and saw the HBO taping of Two Dope Queens - another amazing podcast. If you haven't heard it, check out their feed right after ours! I've laughed like a maniac in too many public places because of that podcast.

Tobey Maguire came up again and again. Wow - I need to take a least one minute to come to terms with the fact that I just linked to Tobey's Wiki... Not a place I thought I'd be at 27 and yet here we are. I'll be honest with you though, I do love linking to IMPORTANT stuff.

UPDATE: I forgot about Mentos and their classic commericals. Here is the supercut Aidan was blabbing on and on about. And honestly, it's catchy. Good luck getting it out of your head.

In equally 90's nostalgic news, Jas got a new haircut!

 "the Rachel" haircut

"the Rachel" haircut

Dive in & enjoy babes! ALSO - you can very much find us on iTunes AND SoundCloud