Mixtape feat. Taylor Rivers

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Guess what you guys - this is EXCITING!!! We have our very first guest!

We had a long hard think about who to bring on. We were pretty sure we wanted to have a Taylor on because it just felt right. Say it to yourself: Aidan, Jas & Taylor. Feels good, doesn't it?

Now, when it comes to Taylors, we have some options. There was Taylor Swift, but we're not talking to her after what we "made" her do. There's also Taylor Lautner, but what even is his last IMDb credit? Talk about irrelevant.

No, the choice for most important Taylor was obvious - Taylor Rivers. Our own close personal friend. Reigning King of Twitter since the dark days of only 140 characters. And Toronto's Little Miss Cutie Supreme 1997-1999.

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Blake Shelton Isn't Even the Sexiest Man on The Voice!


Listen. 2017 has been a year full of surprises. And many of those surprises have been good, like say our ability to continue to record, edit and publish this podcast on a semi-regular basis. But obviously some of them have been bad - like maybe Donald Trump becoming President of the United States(?????!!!!!). But People Magazine deciding to call Blake Shelton the Sexiest Man Alive 2017 is... confusing. Sure, he's a man. And fine, let's say he's sexy. Singing is sexy. Southern accents can be sexy. He has nice hair for SURE. I'm even somewhat intrigued by the sexual energy in his friendship with Adam Levine (Sexiest Man Alive, 2013). But I just can't process that People thinks Blake is the sexiest man in the whole world. And I'm not alone:

Jasmin discusses her fear of mispronouncing words, and who among us can be sure we're saying anything right? Words are hard.

We also take a journey back to what feels like 2001 when we discuss Survivor. But guess what, Survivor is still airing in 2017. We discuss which of us would survive: neither. From there, we move onto another early aughts reality show: Fear Factor. Then we take a hard turn from reality TV and discuss plastic surgery. I guess it's not so much a hard turn as the next logical step in the conversation. But we really sidelined ourselves with that for ten minutes. Also, this is the doctor who Snapchats his surgeries.

MOST importantly - Jas has a new cat with no name, but the exciting title of official Pod-cat!


So take a seat, pop in your headphones and enjoy a NEW episode of We'll Circle Back. Also, check out our Instagram!

No, Anne Hathaway Is My Anne Hathaway

Okay, we know. We've been neglecting this section of the website pretty horrifically. We're behind, but we want to make it right. So we'll be posting some back episodes of the podcast that never quite made it to getting published here. We're really sorry - but we're making it right! So without further ado, here is your summary - complete with visuals for some of the things we talked about! Enjoy~~

Hey Grandma! So good to see you - everything good with you, hun?

We have a deep discussion about what colours we've painted our bedrooms, which quickly evolves into a case study of why children should probably not be in charge of picking colours for rooms in a home that you own. They are tiny, eccentric designers bent on destroying your home's property value!

Aidan also tries his hardest to discuss Anna Wintour's event of the year: the Met Ball. The majority of his struggle consists of not being able to remember what the theme is. As reparations to Anna herself (pls don't hate us), we'd like to state officially that the 2016 Vogue Met Gala honouree was Comme des Garçons and the theme was  "Art of the In-Between".


Unfortunately, we spend 45 minutes trying to figure out what the theme is - so thank god for studying. To make up for it, here are a couple of the looks we discussed in the episode:

 "saran wrap over a thong and a butt" - Jasmin's critique of this lewq

"saran wrap over a thong and a butt" - Jasmin's critique of this lewq

 "Someone took a giant wallpaper sample booklet, put it through a shredder, asked Rihanna to hold as much of it as possible and then tied a belt around her waist" - Aidan

"Someone took a giant wallpaper sample booklet, put it through a shredder, asked Rihanna to hold as much of it as possible and then tied a belt around her waist" - Aidan

Aidan takes the time to shred Blake Lively like it's an Olympic sport (and tbh he takes home the gold)!

Aaaand Jas breaks down the "pick-up" scene in NYC!

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Would You Kill Tobey Maguire Pt. 2

Would You kiLL toBEY mACGUIRE pt 2.jpg

BOOM! That's the sound of my mom hitting the ground after being hit with last week's cliff hanger. She's fine though, she's a strong, independent woman, capable of doing all her own stunts and recovering from that not-so-major plot twist.

First and foremost, you need to appreciate the majesty of the first minute of this episode. The intro was recorded and added to the beginning of this episode thanks to the magic of podcasting and post-production - just to give you a peak behind the curtain. But it was also recorded while Aidan walked home, and he is VERY out of breath because he can't not walk as fast as he can between point A and point B.

We dive back in this week with Justin Beiber's new tattoo(s?):

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 2.28.59 PM.png

Is it still called a sleeve when you cover your torso in fresh ink, but your torso is roughly the same size as the average arm? #scrawny 

One of my favourite things about Instagram is the comments on celebrity posts. Like for example... this quality feedback from Justin's tattoo post:

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 2.29.25 PM.png

Both valid feedback and a poignant question. Do you think it's a shared account for Kendal and Kylie to throw shade at famous friends?

We also talk about how long it's been since we've gone to the movies and the importance of the Rotten Tomatoes rating system. Seriously, if it's not certified FRESH, I'm not really interested. PLUS - there's rotten and then there is ROTTEN. 

We also dove butt-deep into the hilarious world of fictional horror movie gay power couples. Seems niche, but it's surprisingly mainstream.


Even Netflix has the Babadook in the LGBTQ movies section now.

Aidan explains Toronto's premier drag queen, Jada Shada Hudson, and her provocative performance style. She has a unique style and a DEDICATED fan base and lest we forget, a LIT social media feed. Take a break from work and take some time to go through that wonderful feed.

We also talk about the high stakes of Halloween. There's so much pressure to choose a great costume, and how your childhood Halloween costumes can be a clear gay-dar in retrospect.


"There's nothing more adorable than a child in a tuxedo" - Aidan

"Just a tiny Diane Keaton" - Jas

But hindsight is 20/20. Jasmin tells the most amazing/sad/hilarious story about a special costume she wore trick or treating when she was 11.

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Would You Kill Tobey Maguire Pt. 1

Would You kiLL toBEY mACGUIRE pt 1.jpg

Hey sweet baby cakes! I'm just realizing now, in the after-glow of the weekend that I never made a post on our website for the new episode. I know, it's pretty typical to forget about something that you're always forgetting. I'm trash, but I'm comfortable just sinking into that truth. I'm working on becoming another man's treasure though. Or like, recycling.


"I'm working on becoming another man's treasure though."

"Or like, recycling."

ANYWAYS. This episode is being broken into TWO DANG PARTS because we had so much fun talking that the content flow-eth over! We honestly talked longer than your mom that time she ran into her co-worker at the mall in Payless Shoes and you just wanted to go but never felt more trapped.

We hit some good stories you guys. Aidan went to New York this weekend and saw the HBO taping of Two Dope Queens - another amazing podcast. If you haven't heard it, check out their feed right after ours! I've laughed like a maniac in too many public places because of that podcast.

Tobey Maguire came up again and again. Wow - I need to take a least one minute to come to terms with the fact that I just linked to Tobey's Wiki... Not a place I thought I'd be at 27 and yet here we are. I'll be honest with you though, I do love linking to IMPORTANT stuff.

UPDATE: I forgot about Mentos and their classic commericals. Here is the supercut Aidan was blabbing on and on about. And honestly, it's catchy. Good luck getting it out of your head.

In equally 90's nostalgic news, Jas got a new haircut!

 "the Rachel" haircut

"the Rachel" haircut

Dive in & enjoy babes! ALSO - you can very much find us on iTunes AND SoundCloud

The Life Changing Magic of Catfishing Strangers Online


pucca shell shark tooth.jpg

This week we had the distinct pleasure, honour and joy of recording the episode 3 times because Aidan "Butta Fingaz" O'Loughlin can't press record on the thingy hard enough. No hard feelings, but learn your friggen lesson already.

On a more related note: this episode has it ALL! Hillary Clinton, Gay Porn Stars & Catfishing - OH MY! Honestly, it's a hoot.


I Still Can Only Wear Extra Large Men's Hats

YOU GUYS! Our track record keeps getting stronger - one week later, one new episode! Just like professionals!

This week we warm up the show by discussing baby Shawn. A 14 Pound baby delivered in Vancouver, BC - TWO WEEKS EARLY.

In firm juxtaposition of this miracle of life - we discuss the death of Fox News ex-employee Roger Ailes. As always hilarity ensues while discussing that monster.

 this image came from  this dope article  you 1000% need to read!

this image came from this dope article you 1000% need to read!

Then we hop into Kelly Anne Conway and her role in the once fiction novel but soon reality: Handmaid's Tale. Also: Elisabeth Moss is a time-travelling Margaret Atwood come back to warn us all. Or.... maybe it's the other way around. Just look at them!

SPOILER ALERT: We have some feelings about Riverdale and we want to know what your feelings are. In Riverdale adjacent news: Dylan Sprouse opened a meadery - IN 2017!!!

Ep 7: The Way Past Easter EASTER Episode


Welcome back to another episode. I know you missed us, mom! This week we get together post Easter family celebrations to catch up and kiki. The format is real loose (a departure from brand for us, we KNOW)and the demands to continue listening, subscribing and rating us on iTunes get SO tight.

So pop in your headphones & enjoy!

Minisode #2: Sharon Stone's Birthday Bash!

This week we have a diet sized episode! A TOITE 25 minutes.

Sure it's less and you feel robbed of time with us, but it's about QUALITY and certainly not about QUANTITY.

We jump in by being overwhelmed by the time change. F you day light savings time. Aidan discusses the joys and fears of young doctors and Jas discusses coming out to her MD.

Then we somehow transition to Sharon Stone's birthday party and that leads us to Nicole Kidman's highest cinematic achievement: Practical Magic. If you disagree, Aidan will be waiting in the parking lot to fight you on it.

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Jasmin & Aidan

Ep 6: So Graceful & So Poised: Vagina Dentata

We're back and worse off than ever!

Jasmin shares stories of her dental woes, the strangest places she's lost her teeth and the witchiest way to celebrate an anniversary! Aidan sprinkles in much lower stakes stories about how his orthodontist ruined his life and how to drug your boyfriend into cuddling submission.

Tune in for lots of laughs, cringe moments and sympathy pain! Rate us on iTunes, subscribe on Sound Cloud or follow us on Twitter and Instagram!