Guess What?! We Started a Blog!

That's right friends! In addition to posts we make about the episodes we'll be making even MORE content and sharing more stories with you!


Some posts will be random thoughts, perhaps even a transcription of my diary (jk, totes burned that). But we're also thinking of hosting regular posts that will be sorted into a couple different categories. No biggie, right?

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Each category will have a little something different to offer, so you can pick and choose by subject what you want to read OR you can binge every single word. Totally up to you, but obviously I recommend the latter. It's going to be a healthy mix of personal essays, expansions of things we talked about on the blog, advice (cuz those who can't do, teach!) and DIY posts.

Since this is the beginning of a new section of the website - an intro if you will. I'm going to go ahead and pop in a little link to our SoundCloud so you can catch up from the begging. Which one is episode one you ask? Why don't I post that for you here too! 

In case you're so obsessed with us, that you need even more than our voices in your ears and our words in front of your eyes - check our our social media. We're on Instagram and Twitter.