Rihanna Will Rule the 2018 Vogue Met Gala - Duh!

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So, I'm sitting here and reviewing what we've covered on the podcast in the past and I can't believe that we've been inconsistently recording and then posting conversations to the internet for over a YEAR now. Time is actually flying, and I feel myself aging like that wilting rose in Beauty and the Beast.

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Anyways, I have been going back and posting the episodes to the episode page of wcbpodcast.com that I'd forgotten in the past. I'm embarrassed, but at least I'm getting to it now. But part of what made me realize how long we've been doing this for is today, Vogue announced with the theme of the 2018 Met Gala will be - and in our episode "No, Anne Hathaway Is My Anne Hathaway", Jas and I were struggling to talk fashion from the 2017 gala.

This year's theme is "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination"

I'm kind of excited to see what the red carpet staples come up with for this them. I mean, I don't really know fashion. Like, I won't lie to your face and tell you I study up. I very definitely have an amateur eye. But kinda like sports - I can tell what's really really good and impressive, and what falls flat. Like if you show up in a monochrome slinky basic LBD and a ponytail, I know that Anne Wintour DGAF about your fashun. 

But in some not-so-surprising news, Rihanna will be co-hosting the night with Anna Wintour. Rihanna kills the carpet every single year. Even when I don't get it, I know that other people should be embarrassed to have to walk the carpet before and after her. No one is going to remember you or what you wear if you're forced to follow Riri's act. She's too good.


Also sharing the co-hosting duties with Rihanna are Amal Clooney and Donatella Versace. Amal is also known for her LEWQS, so that a pretty good addition. And Donny V makes sense when you consider that the cross over between fashion and religion will be explored at this years gala. Donatella is literally the Bible x Fashion. Google it, sweetie.

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Last year, Kylie was one of Donatella's dates to the show. I wonder if she'll make the cut again now that she's with child. I mean, Kimberly did it - even though she was meme'd to hell and back for her choice that year. But imagine Kylie does a The Birth of Venus inspired look while she's literally with child? That would meet the requirements of the religious theme while also abiding by the strict Kardashian-Jenner minimal-clothing-only rule. I'd live for that TBH.

Here is the episode where we discussed the gala last year. 

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